Try A Sandwich-Inspired Pizza For Lunch

13 June 2023
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If you're hungry at lunchtime and are evaluating your local restaurant options, you might be trying to decide between eating a sandwich and eating pizza. Both can be good choices, but you may elect to visit a local pizza restaurant because of the numerous choices on the menu. Some pizzerias that have all sorts of unique pies have one or more pizzas that are inspired by popular sandwiches. For someone who was thinking about having a sandwich but ended up choosing pizza, ordering one of these pies can be a fun option. Here are some sandwich-inspired pizzas that you may find. 

Pulled Pork

Pulled pork sandwiches are available at lots of eateries, including those that specialize in barbecue fare. You'll occasionally find a pizza that pays tribute to the pulled pork sandwich, and it can make for a unique meal. This pie often has barbecue sauce instead of tomato sauce, which adds a sweet tang to each bite. It will be covered with pieces of pulled pork, and there may be additional toppings that are present on a classic pulled pork sandwich, including onions and pickles.

Smoked Meat

There are several different varieties of smoked meat sandwiches on the market, and you might enjoy the combination of tastes that you get when you bite into one of these large sandwiches. A lot of pizza restaurants offer pizzas that pay tribute to the smoked meat sandwich, and this can be a popular option for many people. This is another pie that doesn't have tomato sauce. The sauce base can vary from restaurant to restaurant. Some eateries use yellow mustard as the base and then load the pizza with strips of smoked meat and sauerkraut, both of which appear under a layer of mozzarella and Swiss cheese.


You'll sometimes encounter a pizza restaurant that sells BLT pizzas, which can be a fun and unique option for anyone who enjoys this type of pie. It's common to find this type of pie with a white sauce base, rather than a tomato one. Like the sandwich, the pizza will feature slices of fresh tomato, as well as numerous pieces of bacon. The lettuce component can vary, but it's common for the restaurant to put a leafy green on the pizza after it comes out of the oven. A popular option is arugula, which adds peppery flavor notes that can enhance the taste of each bite.

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