Eating Mexican Food On A Dies

28 August 2015
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Mexican food, whether it be authentic Mexican or Tex-Mex, is a favorite choice of those who enjoy dining out. Part of what makes Mexican food so delicious is its high saturated and transfat content, which comes from items such as cheese, refried beans, and lard, foods best eaten in moderation and not considered "healthy."  If you are trying to eat better and love Mexican food, take heart! You can still enjoy tasty, healthy dishes at a Mexican restaurant.

 What to Avoid

When you are looking at the menu, you need to avoid dishes with the words " fried, crispy,  smothered, and stuffed" in their descriptions. These items will have been prepared in oil and usually contain lots of additional fat. The most difficult item to nix might be the tortilla chips, which are always plentiful and lend themselves to mindless munching while you are waiting for your entree. Some experts suggest ordering a healthy appetizer such as a salad or a ceviche and getting rid of the tortilla bowl. Avoid the hard shelled tacos and choose the soft tortillas, preferably corn or multi-grain. They are higher in fiber and lower in calories and fat. 

Healthy Choices

You will find many items on a Mexican restaurant's menu that will fit into a healthy diet. Anything that is heavy on the vegetables is a good choice as long as you do not smother it with cheese and sour cream. Chicken fajitas are an excellent option because they are low in calories and fat and provide a significant amount of fiber.You may order a taco salad as long as you do not eat the deep fried shell.  Do feel free to load on the salsa. Another way to keep down the calories is to share an entree. Most Mexican restaurants serve large portions that can easily feed two people. If you share a meal, you will be eating healthier and saving money. 

Your pursuit of a healthy lifestyle does not mean that you have to give up your favorite dining establishments, including fine Mexican restaurants. As always, moderation is an effective tool, but you also need to avoid items laden with fat. Fried anything is not your friend when you are watching your diet. You can still eat satisfying, authentic Mexican meals if you are careful with what you order and emphasize vegetables instead of sauces and cheese. If you feel the need for tortilla chips, go ahead and munch a few. Then hand the bowl to your server and order something healthy. 

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