Choose A Fine Dining Caterer For Your Wedding

4 September 2015
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A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event. It takes months of planning to create the perfect, romantic evening. If you are planning a formal wedding, you need to hire a fine dining caterer. The caterer, and food that you choose, will match the tone of the evening.

Ambrosial Appetizers

Let your wedding guests know that they are in for a delicious meal at the reception by starting out with mouthwatering appetizers. Don't order simple crudités. Instead, serve them Baked Creamy Brie. The cheese should be served on small slices of crusty bread and topped with a raspberry and garlic relish.

If you are a fan of seafood, consider having your caterer create Caviar Parfait Shots. Each shot glass is layered with sour cream, guacamole, plum tomatoes, hard-boiled egg slices, and a teaspoon or two of caviar. Crackers or breadsticks could be served with the parfait.

Succulent Salads

Flavorful cheese makes a world of difference when serving a salad. A casual caterer may serve a green salad that is no different than bagged salad mixes at the grocery store. A fine dining caterer will make a salad that is difficult to forget.

The caterer may create a light salad with spring greens, dried cranberries, roasted almonds and feta cheese. The tart cranberries and tangy feta is balanced with a sweet poppy seed salad dressing.

If the wedding is in the spring, have your caterer prepare an asparagus salad for your guests. The chef creates this by blanching asparagus and green peas so that they are slightly soft. The vegetables are cooled and then mixed with arugula and goat cheese. A light dressing made of fresh garlic, parsley, salt and pepper is drizzled over the salad right before it is served.

Mouthwatering Main Dish

Surprise your guests by serving mustard and herb-crusted rack of lamb as the main course for your wedding. This unique dish will be matched with dried apricot couscous and a yogurt-mint sauce for dipping. Lamb often is described as having a gamy flavor, similar to venison. Because the flavor is not for everyone, you may want to offer a second main course, such as salmon or chicken.

Delight with Dessert

Surprise your guests with something a little different for your dessert. Keep your wedding cake, but also have your caterer make sheets of black forest cake for slicing and serving to the guests.

Black forest cake is a moist dark chocolate cake filled with sweet cherries. The cake is frosted with whipped cream, which can be decorated to match the wedding cake. (Most wedding cake is made with buttercream or fondant icing, so the surprise whipped cream frosting will delight your guests.) 

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