Two Tips For Buying A Healthy Seafood Dinner

16 September 2015
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If you are not a regular at seafood restaurants, there are some tricks that you need to know in order to get a healthy seafood dinner. Certain fish are high in omega-3s while others are high in mercury and other contaminants. Choosing the right fish to ensure that you get a good meal is just one way to make sure that you get the most from your night out at a seafood restaurant. 

Fish and Seafood that are High in Omega-3s

Fat can be bad, but it isn't always. Some fats are good for you, and among these are omega-3 fatty acids. Looking for foods that are high in fatty acids can help you to establish a nutritious diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Seafood can play an important role in this diet. Salmon has long been revered for the level of fatty acids that it contains—up to 1,210 mgs per 3 oz serving.

While salmon deserves a high rating, you can also get high levels of omega-3s from farmed oysters—300 mgs per 3 oz serving; in addition oysters will have high levels of iron. Sardines provide a third option in that they can contain up to 1900 mgs of omega-3s per 3 oz serving in addition to being a good source of vitamin D. Thus, anyone of these fish should be considered a healthy addition to your diet. 

Choosing Fish that Were Caught in a Sustainable and Friendly Way

Certain methods for catching fish can have a negative impact on the environment. For example, trawling can disturb the seabed and cause problems for the habitats of the sea organisms that live there. Furthermore, overfishing can push fish populations to extinction, so it is important to make sure that you choose fish that are caught in a well-managed environment. If you want to make sure that the fish you eat were caught in a environmentally conscientious way, you can check the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood watch list or the list maintained by the World Wildlife Fund. 

Going to a seafood restaurant can be a rich experience. You should have the opportunity to taste exotic dishes and fishes that you simply would not find at your local grocery store. At the same time, the seafood you eat can help you to maintain your health. If you want to partake of the bounty of the sea, you should make sure that you your eating habits don't have a negative impact on the population of fish in the ocean. With a little foresight, you can continue to eat healthy fish for years to come. For more information on making great choices, contact a restaurant like Tin Top Restaurant & Oyster Bar.