How To Make Your Leftover Pizza Amazing Again

29 September 2015
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Pizza is one of those foods that is very different after it is reheated than it is when you originally receive it from a pizza delivery service. The flavors sometimes come together in a manner that is more potent and delicious, but if your pizza was especially soggy or greasy, the grease may have had time to solidify and the pizza might be less appealing. To enjoy your pizza, you'll need to know the proper way to reheat it.

Store the Pizza Properly

Begin by storing the pizza properly. Separate each slice of pizza by a paper towel. If you place pizza on top of pizza, the top part of the bottom slice might stick to the bottom of the top, causing you to lose some of your cheese. Then, wrap the pizza in plastic wrap. This will keep the pizza fresher.

Use a Stove

The microwave might seem easier, but the best place to reheat your pizza is on the stove. The pizza is more likely to dry out if simply microwaved. Also, if you use an oven, your home will heat up more than with a stove.

Ideally, you should use a nonstick pan. Otherwise, spray the pan with a non-stick spray. Cover the pizza with a piece of aluminum foil. This will keep the steam trapped in the pizza, preventing it from drying out or burning. When the pizza is ready, the bottom will be crispy again and the cheese will be melted. Also, if you add a little water to the pan before reheating the pizza, the crust will be fluffier.

Toss it On a Griddle

If you have a griddle, you can place the slices there. Then, you can have an easier time reheating multiple slices. This is ideal of you are feeding more than just yourself.

Microwave it with Water

When you only have a microwave, you can still have a great slice of pizza by placing a cup of water inside the microwave alongside the pizza. The water will prevent the microwave from cooking the pizza too much, but will instead simply allow the cheese to melt so the pizza tastes much better. Reheat the pizza for the shortest time possible to minimize the negative effects of the microwave.

Turn it Into Croutons

Pizza doesn't have to be consumed in its original form. Cut the pizza up into smaller squares and the reheat the squares on a panini press. Place pieces on top of each other with the cheeses touching so the pieces will fuse together. Then, throw the pieces in a soup or salad.

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