Make Pizza Delivery Night At Home A Little Healthier

20 June 2016
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Having pizza delivered can make dinner time convenient on a busy day. Pizza is an easy food to play games around because you don't have to litter the dinner table with forks, knives, or even plates, which offers your family the opportunity to spend some quality time together while enjoying a meal. To make pizza night at home a little healthier, consider implementing these easy tips and tricks:

Plan a Couple Side Dishes

On the day that your household plans to order pizza for dinner, stop by the store to grab a few ingredients for simple side dishes that you can prepare to go with your pies. Choose healthy side dishes that will provide your family with nutrition and great flavor, and that won't take a lot of time to prepare at home. For example, you can buy a bag of pre-washed salad greens and some dressing, along with some sweet corn on the cob or some fresh fruit to cut up. The idea is to incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables into your pizza dinner that doesn't require lots of time in the kitchen.

Add Some Fresh Toppings

Instead of ordering just cheese and meats as toppings for your pizza, add a few fresh options that will increase the nutritional value of your meal without making your family feel like they're eating rabbit food. Add olives spinach, tomatoes, garlic, or artichoke hearts to your pepperoni pizza for added color or depth. Include pineapple and bell peppers on your meat-lovers pizza for a bit of crunch and sweetness. If family members aren't into eating veggies on their pizza, ask the pizza shop to put the toppings under the cheese before baking your pie and delivering it. The kids may not even notice vegetables have been added to the pizza!

Replace Soda With Alternatives

Soda may be a popular accompaniment to pizza, but it's also full of empty calories and sugars that may contribute to problems such as tooth decay and diabetes. Make pizza night at home a little healthier by replacing your household's soda options with water infused with mint or fresh fruit. You can add some club soda or ginger ale to your infused water to make it bubbly like soda. Iced tea with fresh lemon slices and fruit juices diluted with water are also healthy choices that tend to pair well with most kinds of pizza.

Incorporating these tips and tricks will make it easy to keep dinner tasty and healthy whenever you decide to order cheesy pizzas as the main course. Contact a pizza delivery shop, such as Chuck's Pizza, for more information.