Not Your Average Slice Of Pie: Four Of The Strangest Pizza Recipes Ever Created

8 July 2016
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Pizza started out a poor man's dish in Italy, with the poor working class throwing toppings on top of flat bread just to keep from starving. Now, however, pizza is a classic and a favorite among many and the recipes are getting rather creative. You thought you tried it all when you ate a peanut butter pizza? Think again. Below is a list of the most creative -- and possibly strangest -- pizza recipes ever created.

Squid Ink Pizza

In Japan, squid ink pizza is all the craze. Instead of spreading tomato sauce on the crust, squid ink is used. The oddity doesn't stop there. Instead of pepperoni or sausage, customers can order any type of sea food they wish. And, instead of a nice helping of melted cheese, it comes with red pepper flakes.

The Mega Pizza

Another favorite in Japan is the Mega Pizza. This pizza nods to North American culture, with bacon-and-cheese wrapped hot dogs outlining the entire crust. Forget about adding pepperoni to this gem, because it comes with sausage, mushrooms, peppers, ham and hamburger patties. You can also choose to top it all off with maple syrup and ketchup.

The Super Bowl Pizza

Like the Mega pizza, the Super Bowl Pizza also nods to North American culture. Right here in the United States is a growing trend of making a bacon-and-cheese hamburger pizza during Super Bowl games. This pizza is layered with two pounds of cheese, three pounds of bacon and six pounds of hamburger meat, with another large pizza placed on top, turning this pizza into an actual hamburger pizza.

Caviar Pizza

New York is home for fine shopping and fine dining, but it's also home for caviar pizza. This "Bellisima" or "Luxury pizza" calls for finely chopped green onions, fresh lobster, crab and caviar. If you are feeling particularly fancy, you can even decide which type of caviar you want on it. The next time you think the delivery charge on your large cheese pizza expensive, just remember that the caviar pizza starts out at a whopping $1000.

Pizza has certainly come a long way from being eaten by starving townspeople in Italy. Now, instead of just flat bread, sauce and cheese, people are putting just about anything on top of this classic. Just when you think you have tried them all, take a look around the world and you'll realize that you haven't even scratched the surface of fine pizza eating. Check out a restaurant like Original Italian Pizza Pa to see what tasty pizza combos they provide.