Three Ways That You Can Have Pork In Ramen

11 April 2022
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Slurping down a bowl of ramen with a group of friends, particularly on a night that is cold and rainy, can be a pleasant and memorable experience. Before you can start on your bowl, however, you'll need to decide what type of ramen you want. Many people feel excited about evaluating the different meat options on the menu at a ramen restaurant. One option is to think about what type of meat you want, and then consider the many different ways that the meat is available. Pork is a prevalent protein in many ramen bowls, so you can expect to find one or more of these options at your local eatery.

Pork Belly

It's common to find pork belly in ramen, and this particular cut of pork can be appealing to a lot of people. Pork belly is a rich part of the animal, which can make it filling to eat. Although different ramen restaurants may prepare the pork belly in different ways, you'll commonly find that it's grilled and then cut into thin strips. This makes the pork belly easy to pick up with your chopsticks and eat in between spoonfuls of the broth.


You can also expect to see bacon as a pork option at many ramen restaurants. The appearance of the bacon can vary. At some establishments, it's crumbled and sprinkled on top just before the bowl leaves the kitchen. This ensures that the bacon pieces have a crisp texture, which can serve as a contrast to the softer ingredients in the bowl. At other restaurants, the bacon will appear in full strips and be partially submerged in the broth. If you visit a ramen restaurant for a late breakfast, you might look for a bowl that includes bacon and an egg to have a breakfast-like vibe.

Pulled Pork

While a lot of people associate pulled pork with barbecue fare, you'll often find this type of meat in bowls of ramen. Pulled pork is slowly cooked to break down its connective tissue and give it a tender texture. The kitchen staff then shreds the meat with a pair of forks, giving it a flaky consistency. In this form, the meat tends to be easy to pick up with your chopsticks or can be scooped up with your spoon. Its flaky consistency often means that you'll get small bits of pork in each bite, which can be enjoyable.

Learn more about pork ramen at a restaurant in your area.