The Ultimate Pizza Decision: Delivery Or Carry-Out?

9 November 2022
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You're tired, you're hungry, and you don't have that much cash on you, but you've got enough for a pizza. That sounds like the perfect solution for dinner, especially if you can get it delivered. During the evening rush, though, delivery times can take a while, making carry-out sound like a better idea. Sometimes it can be, but sometimes delivery is still the best choice.

Someone's Got to Go Outside

Delivery saves you the trouble of going out to get the pizza; carry-out saves the delivery person the trouble of going out to your place and lets them concentrate on delivering to people who may not be able to go outside, for whatever reason. If you're not feeling well or know that you're just not going to feel like leaving your home once again to get pizza, then delivery is best. After all, the delivery people were hired specifically to do that job. But when it gets really busy, the delivery people may be overwhelmed, and opting for carry-out could make things a little easier for them.

Save Money on Delivery, Spend Money Getting to the Restaurant

If you're considering cost when deciding between delivery and carry-out, keep in mind that while carry-out will not have delivery fees, you will use gas to get there if you drive. And, you may still see a tip jar at the counter where you can throw in a couple of bucks for the people making the pizzas for you. While the exact costs and your financial situation may vary, cost may not be the best determinant of whether or not delivery is an option for you tonight. But it does count because if you need to conserve gas, for example, then paying the delivery fee could be cheaper in the long run.

Pizza Problems and Getting Them Fixed

If you've ever received the wrong order or found part of your order missing, going back to the pizza place to get the order fixed is the best option. If you don't want to deal with waiting for pizza delivery and then having to go back yourself because the delivery person left already, then simply arranging to pick up the pizza yourself is better. If you are willing to take the chance that you may have to go back, then you can continue with delivery.

Some pizza restaurants ask the delivery people to confirm with you that your order is correct when you receive it. The delivery person would then bring back anything that was made incorrectly. However, not all places do this, and a busy delivery person may hand you the pizza, take the money, and then go, leaving you to handle mistakes yourself. Don't be annoyed by that; the delivery people may have several orders to drop off within a specific time frame.

OK, maybe "delivery or carry-out" isn't one of the most critical decisions you'll ever make, but how you get your pizza can affect how much you enjoy it. When you look at menus online or in apps on your phone, check out delivery fees, and if you want, you can call the place and ask about who would bring back a pizza if the wrong order was delivered. You may find a pizzeria that offers not only the best pizza but also the best delivery. 

For more information about pizza delivery, contact a local pizza shop.